For this week’s post I thought I would do a throwback to when I went on holiday to Hawaii last year. Now this was my first big overseas trip so I just want to talk briefly about my experience.

We stayed in the Hilton Resort which was moments from the beach.  Our hotel room had a beautiful view of the big mountain and in spots around the hotel you could see the sea view side which was so amazing and blue.

The shopping I absolutely loved as I could finally go to all the shops I have only ever looked at online like Victoria Secret, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, and H&M. Whilst shopping I saw a door that said “Janitor” on it and I had to get a photo with it because I thought it was the coolest thing haha! Considering we don’t use that word at all in New Zealand.

The main beach was really beautiful and the water was so warm. There were surfboards out sitting on the beach and palm trees everywhere. I was really surprised at how busy Hawaii actually was though. You had to go really early or quite late in the day if you wanted to actually get a seat at the beach.

We went on a few tours and one of the tours took us to the north shore where the beaches were much more beautiful. It was white sand everywhere and I spent most of my time snorkelling and chasing colourful geckos.

Another tour we went on was to a Luau which had beautiful music, amazing company and we saw the coolest sunset. It was great to be among a similar island culture to the native New Zealanders (Maori’s).

Hawaii itself was such an amazing trip but if you want to have a relaxing, peaceful holiday I defiantly don’t recommend the main island Oahu. It is very tourist like and the only bit of land that seems untouched can only be accessed by doing tours.  But for those wanting to go to a beautiful island and do some shopping it is the perfect island to go to in Hawaii.

I did go to Pearl Harbour but I thought I would save that for another post.

Hope you’ve all had a good week. Where is one place you can’t wait to visit??