When I was 7 me, my mum and my sister would all cuddle up in the lounge and watch a romantic comedy movie that was based in New York. Ever since then I have longed to go to New York. Growing up I would have New York posters all over my room, I would get given New York themed items for multiple birthdays and would often dream about walking through Central Park. Now this longing to go to New York wasn’t because I wanted to have one of those romantic comedy movie moments. I just love the look, the feel and although never actually going to New York, I love the atmosphere. I love all the hidden crevices, I love the wide range of people, and I love how there would always be somewhere new to explore.

Last year I turned 20 and after a few years of saving my money I realized I actually had enough money to go to New York. My first instinct was excitement, I would finally be able to go to this place I have been dreaming about since I can remember. But where there’s excitement and positive feelings, the negatives are often around as well.

Ever since I left home my anxiety has slowly been becoming more and more visible. I often get anxious over travelling, even if it’s just around New Zealand, so the thought of going all the way across to New York for a week or two just freaks me out. There are days where my anxiety is less visible and on those days I feel the excitement again and I often say “Yes I can actually do this”. But then a bad day will come along and my anxiety will be higher and I start thinking of all the reasons why I should freak out and it’s just a vicious cycle from there.

Do any of you out there also get anxious over travelling? And is there anybody out there who has any tips for people like me on how to overcome this fear?

I know I will get there one day.